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At home with words

With our network of more than 450 professional translators, we can offer a wide range of different language combinations, including for example translations from French into Swedish. All our translators are native speakers and offer sound professional expertise in their specialist areas plus many years of experience.

To find the right words in all topics and all language cultures, we adopt an intensive approach, putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and speaking their language. The powerful network also offers plenty of capacity, giving us the necessary flexibility to adjust to time constraints or when it comes to handling major projects, thus warranting constantly high quality and prompt completion.

Opt for effective cooperation based on swift response times with a personal contact person.

Take us at our word! We’ll gladly provide you with an individual quotation.

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Interview with Christina Jacobs


What makes Agenda Translations stand out?

An individual approach to customer service and constantly high quality of the translations. I’m the direct contact person for our customers and always try to use the same translators right from the very first order in the interests of linguistic continuity from the word go. At the same time, I ensure that adequate cover is available to make allowances for capacity constraints or when dealing with large orders. Our portfolio also includes editorial and proofreading services so that we can offer to check source texts and also make the final touches to existing translations.


What are your other strengths?

Actually, this is something that should be taken for granted but can often get overlooked during everyday routines and with frequently tight deadlines: we move with the times and keep informed about the latest developments, we love learning and research and we keep working at the style and expression until we’re truly satisfied – which ensures the customers are too. Professional translators for beauty and lifestyle for example should know what an “It girl” is, and that you can’t use radical traps to catch radicals.